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2010 Photos Press News 8th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival


India warriors varnishes the glory of India

General Administration of Sports of China and Henan Provincial People’s Government hosted its 8th International Shaolin Wushu Festival at Zhengzhou, China from October 21 to 27, 2010. The grand event welcomed the participants from about 87 countries along with some political leaders, local government officers and prominent Wushu masters from Shaolin Templ. A total of 2060 athletes played their traditional Wushu skills in different categories. The event start with a warm words of ZMSB Deputy Director during delivering a congratulatory message to the Championships. On behalf of the Zhengzhou Municipal sports Bureau , he extended his greetings and best wishes to all the participants. He concluded the theme of event as providing a great opportunity for the public to witness great performances by all these athletes who have incredible ability and talent. He wished the organizers of the 8th International Shaolin Wushu Festival every success and good luck to all the competitors.Sifu Shi Yan Lu, Chief of the SongShan Shaolin Temple Warrior monks training base , and many other high ranking Warrior monks from the Songshan Shaolin Temple attended the opening ceremony.

The first time Martial Arts Authority of India National Wushu KungFu Team participated in the 8th International Shaolin Wushu Festival at Zhengzhou and warmly welcomed by 65,000 local Chinese Wushu School Students from Dengfeng to Shaolin Monastery.The royal welcome and huge participation from around the world made the event an historical one. The team was lead by Gajanand Rajput, MAAI Secretary General. He had an opportunity to attend the Technical Conference of the 8th International Shaolin Wushu Festival and met the IWUF Chief Judges. They expressed their best wishes to the MAAI and promised to support all his level best to promote the traditional martial arts.

The Organizing Committee also awarded a memorial Award to Gajanand Rajput for the Active Team Participation of “ Team India “ and of course the remarkable performance by Gourav Rokade from Ujjain Madhyapradesh who bagged Gold Medal in Long Apertures and won Bronze medal in short Apertures , Gajanand Rajput Won Silver Medal in Daoshu ( Sword Play ) and Bronze Medal in Xiao Hong Quan event, Parth Patel from Ahmedabad Won Bronze Medal in Chang Quan ( Northern Style Boxing ). The Indian warriors proves that its not the resources which makes a hero but its inner will to succeed which brings the real hero out of common man.

MAAI President Mr. Varun Kapur, IPS Congratulated for winning the numbers of medals for the nation….